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All states allow you to operate in the USA legally.

Popular states


Is very popular to form a Business in, ranked #1 in USA for Business Environment. But California is also one of the highest 'business tax states'. And the highest Capital Gains Tax in the USA. CA offers tax credits (for Employment, Research & Development and other areas) to motivate companies to grow. CA Sales Tax only applies to goods / services sold "in California", not to other states. California has an Annual 'minimum' $800 State tax. Excellent opportunities to find investors, borrow money and raise capital. State Takes 3-9 days or 1 day with express fee (expensive) to State*


The Sunshine State is ranked 4th in USA for Business Environment and small - new business's. FLA has $0 personal income tax and a small 5.5% business tax on revenues earned 'in Florida' (not on earnings from other states). FLA is very friendly & easy to obtain a wide range of loans and credit opportunities for your business. There is 'no minimum State Tax', so if you don't earn anything you do not pay any tax. State Takes 2-3 days

New York

Is know as the 'epicenter' of global business and popular to form new companies. Known for its friendly business environment, but a business tax code that is costly & complicated. Corp Tax Rate is 6.5% - 7.25%. New York offers various special tax credits to new companies. Great for Raising Money for your Business, but a little expensive to operate. State Takes Est. 7 days or 1 day with express fee to State*

Colorado HOT

Our Highest Rank (4 gold stars here). A favorite to form a USA Company. Very little compliance. Quick (30 minute setup) and very cheap renewal fees $10. And Good Standing Certificates $0. Easy to convert from C to S Corporation to LLC. Low State Business Tax 4.55%. Strong benefit programs for growth of small & medium businesses. Good corporation lending and finance programs. State Takes 30 Min


Strong business laws protecting owners & shareholders make Delaware popular for WallStreet traded companies. Has a 8.7% Corp Tax Rate, but NO State Sales tax. State Takes 7-10 days or 1 day for expedited fee to State


Our 2nd Highest Rank (4 gold stars here). Not a big business state, but 'very' popular to incorporate in. Very little compliance. GREAT benefits to Incorporate. $0 State Corporate Tax. $0 Capital Gains Tax. $0 Good Standing Certificate online. State Takes 30 Min

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Great for small businesses and more flexibility.

Limited Liability Company


Great for startups fundraising from investors.


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