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Your physical address and virtual mailbox.

MailServices™ service is a digital mailbox that allows individuals and businesses to receive and manage their physical mail and packages online from anywhere in the world.

The MailServices™ Service helps businesses:
  • Manage mail online, improving efficiency.
  • Streamline operations from anywhere.
  • Reduce costs and physical mail handling.
  • Ensure secure mail management.

MailServices™ service costs $35/mo (up to 10 pieces of mail per month), then $0.35 for each piece of mail after that per month.

Request for refund or cancellation can be done with 30 days advance notice. Any prepaid services beyond the 30-day period, 100% refund. Any pre-paid services to the Mail Service provider are subject to the provider's policies and not handled by this Company. Customers will need to discuss that with the 3rd Party provider.

With MailServices™ service, a user is assigned a physical address that they can use to receive mail and packages. When mail or a package is received, it is scanned and uploaded to the user's online account, where they can view, manage, and forward the mail from anywhere in the world.

Using MailServices™ service provides users with a level of convenience and flexibility, as they can manage their physical mail and packages from anywhere in the world. It also allows for greater privacy and security, as users can receive and view their mail without having to physically access a mailbox.

Anyone who needs to receive mail or packages on a regular basis can benefit from using a virtual mailbox service, including individuals, travelers, digital nomads, small businesses, and remote workers.

In most cases, yes. MailServices™ service can serve as a legal mailing address for individuals and businesses, but it is important to check with your specific state's laws and regulations to ensure that it is an acceptable option.

Yes, MailServices™ service prioritize privacy and security by using advanced encryption and other security measures to protect user data and mail. Additionally, MailServices™ service have strict protocols in place to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to mail and packages.